Monitoring searches the web for matches for your registered images to find infringements. 

Go to Monitoring

You can access Monitoring by clicking Monitoring in the menu.  


From your Monitoring page you can see the matches for your images on the web. Each result shows the URL where the image was found. 


You can filter to see only results for a specific copyright by selecting it in the filter menu. You also can search for it by name.  

or by clicking ... next to a result and selecting Filter by this image

Filtered results

Then you will see results for a single image. 

Other ways to access

You can also access Monitoring by selecting an image in your Dashboard or Vault and clicking Monitoring.

Or via the Copyright detail page for a specific image. 


Monitoring is currently in beta. That means, you can expect major changes and improvements in the near future.

Imagine, for free, having all your images monitored. You are notified in real-time if companies infringe on your copyrights and have easy actions to take to stop them. That's what monitoring will become.

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