• Keep records of the copyrights you own. You need to keep track of your work and when they were created and published. Very few people do this but it is important. If you’re not keeping track of your copyrights, it’s hard to protect them.
  • Put a copyright notice next to your work. For example, “Copyright ©️ 2017 Your Name. All rights reserved.” Most people think you need to register your copyright to use the ©️ symbol. You don’t!
  • Monitor your copyrights for infringement. Most people don’t do this, and it’s probably the most important step to protect your work. Some people manually check with Google image search, which is time consuming. Binded is working on making it easy to automatically monitor your copyrights for free. 
  • Register with the U.S. Copyright Office. For now it’s still necessary to register with the USCO to win statutory damages  up to $30,000 and have your legal fees paid. So, for work you really value, you should register it with the USCO.

Info on the Binded Help Center is not legal advice. If you have legal questions you should ask an attorney. 

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