The reasons we use the blockchain are very simple. 

  1. We started Binded because creators should own their work. By timestamping copyright registrations on the blockchain, creators have a proof that they claimed a copyright at a certain point in time which is independent of Binded. The timestamp will remain on the blockchain, no matter what happens to Binded.
  2. The blockchain is a fraud deterrent. If a criminal makes false claims on the blockchain, there is a permanent record linking back to them.
  3. By using the bitcoin blockchain, we help support the bitcoin ecosystem. We believe strongly in the potential of bitcoin to make the world a better place. We want to do our part to help make it a success. 

Could you build Binded without the blockchain?

Yes. Our business doesn't depend on the blockchain to provide value. However, there are many benefits to using the blockchain and it doesn't cost us much

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