We created Binded because a major change is coming to the way people work. With the rise of AI and robotics, creativity will become humanity's greatest asset.

But today on the web, creativity is massively undervalued. Whether it's art, design, photography, music, video or writing. Most people don't get credit for their work, let alone get paid. So we asked ourselves, what would happen when more of the world needs to earn a living by creating? Why was there no proper infrastructure to reward creativity?  

We thought a lot about the problem and possible solutions. We determined that copyright, altho not perfect, was necessary and the answer.  But, copyright had many issues keeping it from being useful on the web.

Issues holding copyright back

  1. The U.S. Copyright Office is severely antiquated and has no technical competence. They can't move fast. Or attract the best engineers to make copyright useful in the digital age.
  2. There is no useful copyright database. A way for anyone to instantly know the owner of a copyright. And be able to pay them.  
  3. Most people don't have access to copyright protection tools. Existing tools are either too expensive or made only for companies. 

After thinking deeply about the issues, we realized it might be possible to create a company that solved all of those problems. That's when we set out to create Binded, a global copyright platform. But first, we needed a plan. 

Meeting with creators

To help us decide on what to work on first, we decided to meet with real people to hear their issues. We scheduled around 20 meetings with local artists and photographers. We learned so much. 

Everyone we met was excited by our vision for the future. The idea of making it possible to instantly identify the creator of any copyright and pay them. 

But then, a recurring theme arose. 90% of the people we met complained that their work was constantly being stolen. And not just by regular people as we would have expected. But by major corporations.

We asked how they found out about the copyright infringement. Most said a friend told them. Then we asked what did they did about it. Most of them didn't do anything because they thought it was too late. Some of them contacted the company without any evidence of owning the copyright. 

So, they got lucky to find out about the infringement in the first place. Meaning, there are probably 10x more infringements they don't even know about. Then, years after the company made money using their work, they contacted them without any proof. And nothing happened. 

We were shocked that the problem was so prevalent. And how people were dealing with it. We knew there had to be a better way. 


That got us excited. We realized that this was a problem we could solve, starting with helping protect the copyright of images. And by solving it, we'd be collecting a massive amount of copyright data. Eventually making it possible to identify the copyright owner for the majority of files on the web. 

That's why we founded Binded. We can help create a new economy that will improve the lives of creators all over the world. The result of which will be a boost to global creativity. Making life more beautiful. Something we're all very proud and honored to be working on.

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