Preventing fraud is one of our main priorities

The current status quo is the U.S. Copyright Office. Unfortunately, they do almost nothing to detect fraud. Based on our understanding of their procedures, we currently do more. 

We're working on a multi-prong approach to combat fraud. 

  1. Smart fraud detection tool that takes data from multiple sources. Gets smarter every day with machine learning. 
  2. Monitoring gives our fraud detection tool more data. 
  3. Blockchain record is built in fraud deterrent. If someone is committing fraud, there is a permanent paper trail back to them. 
  4. Identity verification. We will verify identity before being eligible to earn royalties on Binded. 

It's impossible to stop all fraud. But we will believe we'll be able to stop most of it. For what we can't stop, there's always the legal system. 

Long-term we believe we will have the most trusted copyright data in the world.

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