We think very long-term. It's one of our core company values. Our mission is to help creators earn a living from their work

To support that mission, it makes no sense to charge creators. We want to be the good guys, not the people charging as much as possible.

In the future we will make money by creating new opportunities for you. When we do that, we will keep a fair piece in return for our efforts. And whatever opportunities we create will be opt-in. Meaning, we won't force it on you.

What is a fair piece?

We aren't ready to announce any details about our business model yet. But here are two examples of what we'd call fair. 

We think it's fair when a company like Apple brings people to an app and they keep 30% of the value. Or when a company like Stripe helps facilitate a transaction and prevent fraud and they keep 3% of the value. 

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